The Guild 2 Venice

The Guild 2 Venice 4.1

The Guild 2 Venice begins in the last day of a dark age
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4HEAD Studios

The Guild 2 Venice is an expansion of the original The Guild 2 which offers players practically nothing new. The only things that were added are four new scenarios depicting Venice and its neighbors on the Adriatic Sea, some new professions, and a few bugs. If you played previous Guild 2 games, you will find the gameplay very familiar, as you will sign up on as one of four medieval classes (patron, craftsman, scholar, and rogue), pick and customize a character, and work to make money. The different classes allow you to take a great variety of occupations and jobs that range from priest to highwayman, but almost all involve buying raw materials and turning them into finished goods. The character moves really slowly and the path finding is very awful, it will take a couple of minutes to reach your destination. Moreover, the constricted map design also restricts the building possibilities. The game features great graphics with good animation and sound effects. If you have already played this game before, The Guild 2 Venice will certainly not surprise you, I recommend you to look for something better.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Good graphics and sound effects


  • Nothing new. Character moves slowly. Constricted map
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